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I need you

to be.

Our reaction:

strong and steady like wood and flame

enveloped in air.

Fast, and furious, and instant,

vapors touched off by a spark

or the strike of a match.

And sometimes we find ourselves

just settling down to keep it at an ember,

warm and slow after a long intense blaze.

We feed off of each other and it’s consuming.

As long as we are connected, united,

in some way put together,

we will always melt the insidious frost when it comes for us.

Promise me the fuel you are for me

will never exhaust.

Promise me you’ll never leave me alone

on a frigid night.

And I promise you,

I’ll always tickle you with tongues of flame,

spark you to believe the unbelievable,

achieve the unachievable,

And burn for something.

I promise to be that touch to kindling,

the catalyst for inferno,

and the ignition you can’t fire without.

I promise because

I need you

to be.