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Escaping the tragedy of moral poverty,

I remove myself from humanity,

and run headlong into the ancient primal wood.

Slowing to breathe,

my mind begins to wander,

lost with my feet, like an uninhibited child.

The silence of the forest is only challenged

by the life that teems around me.

A scent of earth and trees seems to roll on,

forever filling me,

as I make my way down the path into my all alone.

I’ve carried with me a heavy, gnawing thirst

that begs to be purged.

Yielding, I bend to drink from purity

and savor the clarity of the quenching, conscious, stream.

I’m granted pause to continue on.

Freedom from darkness surrounds me,

and dappled in a sunlit shade of new growth,

I’m suddenly aware of sanctity.

The eye-stinging nature of beauty overcomes me,

and I’m prompted to fall to my knees and weep unrestrained,


I’ve found my way home.