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My mind is blank.  Somehow I think if I sit here long enough having a staring contest with my keyboard I will find inspiration.  Nope.  Just watering eyes, and passing time.  Maybe it’s the distracting football that Hubby is watching on TV.  Maybe it’s the work I should be doing, on my mind.  (Ha!  work…on my mind!)  Perhaps it is the commitment I’ve made to myself to write every day.  Maybe it’s just me but I’m literally feeling brain dead.  The challenge here was to write, write well, and write every day so here I am.  This sometimes happens, right?  Do they make a type of Viagra for the flaccid mind?  I am grateful that a month ago I wasn’t even writing and now I’m writing two blogs and a book but I’m a bit overwhelmed.  I have been trying to decide if I should combine the two blogs or keep them separate.  Decisions…decisions….I think I’ll sleep on it.