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I wake early contemplating at dawn

so I walk the daybreak.

Silver streams of chill air

rush in and catch around my heart

as I look out over the familiar mountains

I’ll miss so dearly.

And as I do, something warm begins to rise in my chest.

The emergence of an emboldened blaze.

Like poppies that shoot up,

reaching toward the the rising sun, it grows.

As first-light strengthens,

my feet find themselves warming a beautiful carpet

of glowing emerald shoots,

and only now do I turn to see the path I have made for myself.

Nothing more than shattered dewdrops

and flattened blades behind me.

Facing east and my future with you,

I pray for some familiar something of me to take,

but not to make me feel home

because I am going home.

Simply something to remind me of this day I lived,

my last without you.

I would never before have been this grateful

for just a day.

Your courage pushes me toward the sky like the oak,

just a little at a time and with unwavering strength.

You give me the faith to easily slip up

and over mountains

In the way of the clouds,

simply dropping a bit of rain and moving on.

So I say goodbye to my last day without you

And welcome the unknown

as the moon and stars fall away from daybreak,

and move to light up someone else’s night.

Not regretful,

Just knowing,

It’s time.