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Here I am again at the end of one less day with you

watching shadows from the restless outside night

wash down across your fast asleep form.

I revere this day I was given you,

in no greater peace and terror.

Smiling, I remember your confounded attempts

just moments before,

to pluck shining jewel-drops from the far side of the window glass before us.

Rolling out of a furious sky they eluded you.

As if you could collect them in a basket,

as if they were yours to give away.

Finally exhausted, you dropped like a rock into a well of sleep,

right there on the sill.


I can only breathe in this moment and hold you,

fighting as it dissipates against my will.

I am left swirling and scattered in a storm of my own.

So like the curve of a tiny liquid lense you’ve sharpened me.

The gravity of every second

more pointed, potent, and focused in time.

Suspended like rain, reflecting me,

I’m completely swept away.

It’s humbling to at last hold a dream,

more fickle than a falling leaf deciding where to land,

in my hands.


I need you to survive.

You cling to me the way fresh fallen snow holds a tree,

melting and strengthening while you dream.

Your tangibility washes over me and

I unabashedly shed my soul and weep.

Drowning, I’ve loved you a lifetime already.

For you can only be explained in the silver-hued mother-tears that fall

now knowing this will one day end.