A Haunting of Words full line-up

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JM Ames - Speculative Fiction Author

With the A Haunting of Words (aka AHOW) scheduled release just three months away, I thought I would share the author and story line-up to all of you. Presented in alphabetical order of story title, here are your AHOW authors and their stories:

William Thatch – A Wacky, Fantastical Misadventure in New Haven
Brian Paone – Anesthetize (or A Dream Played in Reverse on Piano Keys)
B. Sharpe – Black Butterflies
Donise Sheppard – Coal Run Road
F. A. Fisher – Fighting Sleep
River M Daniel – Fragments
Quinne Darkover – Groceries Every Day
Kari Holloway  – Gunpowder & Wool
Laura Ings Self – Home
Ricardo Anthonio – I’m Not Sure What It Means
Travis West – If It’s Not Okay, It’s Not the End
Sunanda Chatterjee – Jimmy’s Shadow
JM Turner – Joe
D.L. Smith-Lee – Knock, Knock
Suanne Kim – Objects In Motion
J.M. Ames – Only the Dead…

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I Love To Fish

mudskipper climbing tree

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Albert Einstein

Getting A Handle On The Twitter


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Well I did it, and actually, I quite like it.  I’ve been Facing the Book for a while now, blogging here and there, and Pinterest has been my bestie through thick and thin.  But the Twitterverse has eluded me for some time.  Fell into that “Oh don’t make me learn something new” category.  I figure by the time I master it, there will be something new to tackle.  Wish me luck!  @scribbleglitch is where you can find me.  I think it’s time to stalk YouTube videos…



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I don’t believe that walking in the rain will cause you to catch a cold, but you can tell a storm is coming when the leaves turn over.

I used to think that Alaska was an island because it is always shown on a map as disconnected and floating.

A woman’s body is her own, unless she is wearing the wrong clothes.

Your dryer doesn’t eat the socks, the dog does.

I don’t believe in our government, or Monsanto, or big banks, but we do have to eat, pay taxes, and put our money somewhere.

Children shouldn’t spend all day playing video games.  But when would I get my quiet time?

I believed a woman’s place was in the home, until I met my mother.

I don’t think ghosts are real, but does that then mean my loved ones in death didn’t go anywhere but in the ground?

I believe the world is flat and we need to shake things up once in a while.

I was once told that African American people have an extra ligament in their leg that makes them better sports players. I believed that for a long time.

Sex is bad, very, very bad, unless you like it, then it’s worse than bad.

Irregardless is a word, it just doesn’t mean what you think it does.

I thought my father knew everything, until he died from lung cancer in the middle of a bankruptcy and home foreclosure.  He also smoked two packs a day for 50 years and investing his personal finances in a company he didn’t own, to try to keep it afloat.

Beware of strangers, until you get to know them, then keep them at arm’s length.

I believed in love, until my heart was broken. Now I know that love is just a lot of hard work.

Darwin was right. Or was he?

I was raised without faith, therefore I believed nothing, until I changed my mind.

We are all energy. We cannot be created or destroyed, but we can change.

Hot lemonade with whiskey and honey will cure almost anything.

I thought I was weak until within the space of three years I held the hand of my father, and then of my mother, while I fed them their full doses of morphine at exactly the prescribed interval until they took their last breaths.

Kindness fixes anything that a hot lemonade can’t.


I’m Back…And Hopefully To Stay.

I’ve been away for a while.  I love blogging but this kind of felt like this was morphing into a poetry-only type of blog and I didn’t know what to do with it.  I just didn’t have time to spend on writing poetry as often as I was wanting to and it was taking all of my limited time and creative energy away from writing the novel I hope to finish soon.  I also had concerns about putting all of my poetry out there, and then not being able to publish it elsewhere.  I was stuck.  Ok, let’s be more honest here…I was ADDing all over the place.  I have been writing, and I have been blogging over at a parenting site,(I know right?), and I’m just going to open this up to whatever the hell I feel like writing and when.  I’m hoping that it stays interesting.  For now, here is this beautiful picture of a sunset.  Much Love!!


Day Twenty-Six: Hairy Thieves

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The old woman who lives next door is mad.

What’s driving her nuts

are the hungry squirrels

who live beyond her backyard gait.

They eat, and eat, and eat, the precious fruit

that grows on her trees.

They’re vexing her ease

and slowly stealing her reason.

I’ve observed her early unhinged mornings

frantically waving

a rattling rake

“Get out!” Get out!” as if they cared.

I have gaped through the fence and seen her eat

tennis-ball sized

green and unripe

melons so rodents would starve.

In the end it was poison that did them in,

though they kicked and twitched

and put up a fight.

Her garden’s gone still and quiet.

Nowadays she’s seen on her back porch swing

on hot summer days

enjoying her yield

with a smirk on her face, spitting pits.

Day Twenty-Five: Untitled


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head heavy-hung in restless rest

late night blue light filters my mind for me

glazed eyes tune the world outside

into others’ human lives

and their picture window plights

mothers imploring plead mercy

as they cry for blood-soaked children they fear

a discarded sacrificed feast

for hungry tyranny

ever breeds corpses and war

I hide my heart to keep my mind

in cold vigil I chase Sandman’s cover

wide awake in soul-breaking shame

my own apathy

creates dreams of self-reproach